Statistics on 3did (ver. 2018_04)

This page contains several statistics on the contents of the current version of 3did.

Statistics - Domain-domain interactions
Domain-domain interactions 11785
Intra-chain dom-dom ints. 3516
Inter-chain dom-dom ints. 10241
Intra- and inter-chain dom-dom ints. 1972
Structures for domain-domain interactions 461841
Intra-chain structs. for dom-dom ints. 120967
Inter-chain structs. for dom-dom ints. 340874
Statistics - Domain-motif interactions
Domain-motif interactions 748
Intra-chain dom-mot ints. 26
Inter-chain dom-mot ints. 733
Intra- and inter-chain dom-mot ints. 11
Structures for domain-motif interactions 7370
Intra-chain structs. for dom-mot ints. 682
Inter-chain structs. for dom-mot ints. 6688
Statistics - Domains
Total number of Pfam domains 8068
Total number of Pfam domains in PDB structures 8068
Interacting Pfam domains 6858
Associated with a GO molecular function 2642
Associated with a GO cellular component 1257
Associated with a GO biological process 2409
Statistics - Motifs
Motifs identified in PDB structures 748
Database Version
Pfam version 30.0
PDB version 2018_04